Why Juggling is an Amazing Team Building Activity

I’ve been leading a lot of team building and staff activity events here in New York City lately, and it’s always such a rush to see how juggling can transform a room. Especially when the activity is a surprise….oh my gosh, people look so scared at first. Are they going to make us do improv? Couldn’t they just have let us out of work early? I hope this isn’t worse than public speaking.

At surprise events, when everyone finds out they’ll be learning to juggle, they aren’t as fearful. Recent reactions include:

  • Everyone screaming & jumping up and down with excitement (a group of college RAs in training)
  • A sigh of relief (PR firm staff thinking they were going to have to do improv)
  • Laughter as they look at their colleagues and hint at getting ready for some fun competition (professional service associates)

Now don’t get me wrong – there is still a bit of skepticism in the air at this point. So my job, of course, it to make sure everyone learns to juggle. Some people think they’ll be able to do it, others don’t. After having taught thousands, I’m fortunate to have learned some easy ways to correct common obstacles. As I go around the room, I see someone having a bit of trouble. I can tell in their mind they think this is an insurmountable obstacle. When I give them a quick fix, they are shocked at how quickly and easily the “problem” is solved.

Nothing is impossible, even learning to juggle.

Breaking things into simple steps and having a good mentor
can help you achieve your goals and grow.

There are plenty of stories of nightmarish team building events, where people have to share their deepest fears or cry together. Those types of activities do have their place, as it’s very important to get people out of their comfort zones to grow. The great thing about juggling is that, while it does get people out of their comfort zones, the result arrives quickly in the form of laughter, energy and inspiration.

Learning to juggle
brings people out of their comfort zone momentarily…
and then they are relieved and laughing with their colleagues.

From the event planner or human resource manager’s perspective, another concern with team building events is the return on investment and its lasting effects. Assuming everyone learns how to juggle (which they will in a JuggleFit workshop), do you think anyone would ever forget that? Of course not. But how does that improve their team morale, work life and ethic, and personal life? It makes them feel great. It inspires them. It stimulates their creativity and problem solving. It provides light exercise which benefits them in all of those areas. Apart from that, it’s just so incredibly fun…

Learning to juggle is not something people forget about –
it has a lasting effect.

People will…
Keep talking about it.
Show off at office parties (juggling lime wedges).
Teach co-workers and family.
…and it will make them feel great mentally and physically.

The default theme for JuggleFit team building workshops is health & fitness (this can of course be customized). The session is threaded with tidbits on how juggling is great for brain and body. I’m a big fan of finding ways to energize and beat stress during work, long periods of sitting, etc., so I love sharing how juggling can help with these things.

If you’re in New York City (or beyond) and are interested in a juggling workshop for your staff training, team building activity, corporate party or event, drop me a line sometime. If you’d like a test drive, I’d love to have you attend one of our public classes to see how juggling transforms the room. I know you’ll be convinced that juggling is an awesome choice for a team building activity!