World Juggling Day “NYC Tour”: June 14, 2014

Our goal for this year’s World Juggling Day was (of course) to…

share juggling with as many people as we possibly could!

I was joined by one of our awesome JuggleFit advisors, Jen Slaw. In addition to being an amazing juggler, Jen is the Executive Director of Juggling Life, a charity inspiring disadvantaged youth through juggling. Check out her happiness project, a must-watch video called Happy Huggling.

We hit the streets of NYC handing out free juggling kits, which included a set of juggling scarves with instructions and even a handy little practice card to track progress.

Early in the day, we made a stop at Athleta on 5th Avenue to teach a beginner juggling class.

These people rock!

Juggling Class at Athleta New York City


We had fun meeting many tourists in Times Square. Some hesitated to grab juggling kits…”Free?” they said. They were so grateful and you could hear many “thank yous” ringing out in the heart of Times Square. I hope many of them are juggling at home at this very moment!

JuggleFit Times Square NYC


To end the “NYC Tour,” Jen and I juggled across the Brooklyn Bridge and handed out more juggling kits along the way.

Heather Wolf and Jen Slaw Juggling on Brooklyn Bridge


We had a great time sharing juggling and generating many big smiles. It was a very Happy World Juggling Day!

By the way, if you don’t know how to juggle…we want to teach you!

Learning resources for you:

Happy Juggling!





Healthy 3-Ingredient Recipe App Free Through Dec. 12

If you’re like me, you’re still feeling a bit heavier than usual after this past weekend’s Thanksgiving festivities. While the turkey, stuffing, amazing casseroles and pies are mouth-watering, this week brings on many a best intention to shed a few pounds. With that in mind, I decided to offer my Shake a Snack app free now through Dec. 12th to help iPhone and iPod touch users shed some of that holiday weight, and get on track for healthy eating around the holidays.

Shake a Snack is a virtual food slot machine full of tasty ingredients. Just shake your iPhone or iPod touch to get the reels spinning, then watch them land on one of over 200 tasty, creative 3-ingredient snack and mini-meal recipes. You can lock in ingredients you have on hand or filter out those you don’t like.

Shake a Snack has received great reviews on and 148apps, and is currently in the ‘Top Paid’ free apps and ‘What’s Hot’ in the Healthcare & Fitness category on iTunes. It was also selected as ‘App of the Week’ by Dallas-Fort Worth CW station KDAF-TV.t.

Find out more about Shake a Snack here, or go straight to iTunes and download it now, for free until Dec. 12th.

Shake a Snack App by JuggleFit

Shake a Snack for iPhone & iPod touch

ShakeASnack Is New & Noteworthy on App Store

Today, the ShakeASnack app I developed for iPhone and iPod touch was selected as New & Noteworthy under Healthcare & Fitness in the App Store.  This is very exciting! I found myself checking the listings constantly to savor the image of my app being displayed. It was at #3 when I first saw it, and of course I had to take a screenshot. It’s the 3rd one from the left on the top screen images, looks like a mini-slot machine:

Shake-A-Snack App Selected as New & Noteworthy in App Store

Shake-A-Snack App New & Noteworthy in App Store

I had so much fun creating this app, and I grew to absolutely love the little food icons. It was surreal to see a sprig of dill in a ‘slot machine’ reel. The idea for the app grew out of my love of juggling and wanting to tie the app into my business, JuggleFit. I teach people to juggle three balls or scarves, so why not share with them combinations of 3 ingredients they can ‘juggle’ or shake to find a healthy snack?

I hope the app will get people on the right track to healthy eating, especially before and after the holidays.

I’d love to hear your 3-ingredient snack ideas. Post them here and I may add them to a future release of ShakeASnack. Everyone needs to know about all of the tasty and healthy snack options available!

If you don’t have ShakeASnack yet, you can get it here on iTunes:

There is also a video demo and info page on the JuggleFit site:

Juggle Your Way to Fitness Intermediate Level DVD Now Available!

JuggleFit Intermediate DVD

JuggleFit Intermediate DVD

It’s here – the new DVD from JuggleFit – Juggle Your Way to Fitness Intermediate Level with Heather Wolf. Get a fit body and brain with this take-anywhere workout! This program is perfect for those who have learned to juggle with scarves from the first DVD, and for those who would rather learn with balls.

Juggling is an exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise. You will be so focused on learning that you will forget you are burning calories and exercising your brain, not to mention getting super-coordinated and improving your balance.

The DVD includes easy, step-by-step instruction on how to juggle with balls from certified trainer Heather Wolf. Heather has taught thousands of people to juggle, and this program includes troubleshooting of the most common obstacles to getting the balls in the air.

Also included are:

  • A beach warm up and cool down
  • A meditation segment to help smooth out your juggling and make it automatic
  • Upper body toner workout
  • 5-minute balance workout

Juggle Your Way to Fitness Intermediate Level also includes information on the best types of balls to use if you do not have JuggleFit balls, which are also available at There’s even a handy practice tips section at the end!

Order your copy today at
Want to learn to juggle? Check out my free how-to video here.

JuggleFit Workshop this Saturday July 18th!

I will be teaching a FREE class this Saturday at Ever’man Natural Foods in Pensacola! Space is limited so call 850.438.0402 to reserve your spot. Hope to see many of you there! All juggling equipment is provided FREE to learn with during class.

For those of you wanting JuggleFit DVDs, juggling balls and scarves – I will be selling them after class. Great way to save the shipping cost you pay when ordering online!

Come learn about a brain exercise that also burn calories, and have some fun!

Watch ‘Juggle Your Way to Fitness’ DVD Clip!

This just out! You can watch a clip below from the JuggleFit DVD  ‘Juggle Your Way to Fitness Beginner Level with Heather Wolf.’  Every DVD includes a free set of juggling scarves to use in the workouts. Have fun while exercising your body & mind – get JuggleFit!
You can order your DVD here at the JuggleFit store! >>

Impromptu JuggleFit Beach Juggling Class!

Heather Wolf teaches impromptu JuggleFit juggling class on Pensacola Beach
Had a great time teaching a few beachgoers how to juggle this past weekend on Pensacola Beach. Paco, Tommy and Christian (from left) had never juggled before, and now they are juggling up a storm. Great job guys!

Want to learn to juggle? Check out my free how-to video here.