World Juggling Day “NYC Tour”: June 14, 2014

Our goal for this year’s World Juggling Day was (of course) to…

share juggling with as many people as we possibly could!

I was joined by one of our awesome JuggleFit advisors, Jen Slaw. In addition to being an amazing juggler, Jen is the Executive Director of Juggling Life, a charity inspiring disadvantaged youth through juggling. Check out her happiness project, a must-watch video called Happy Huggling.

We hit the streets of NYC handing out free juggling kits, which included a set of juggling scarves with instructions and even a handy little practice card to track progress.

Early in the day, we made a stop at Athleta on 5th Avenue to teach a beginner juggling class.

These people rock!

Juggling Class at Athleta New York City


We had fun meeting many tourists in Times Square. Some hesitated to grab juggling kits…”Free?” they said. They were so grateful and you could hear many “thank yous” ringing out in the heart of Times Square. I hope many of them are juggling at home at this very moment!

JuggleFit Times Square NYC


To end the “NYC Tour,” Jen and I juggled across the Brooklyn Bridge and handed out more juggling kits along the way.

Heather Wolf and Jen Slaw Juggling on Brooklyn Bridge


We had a great time sharing juggling and generating many big smiles. It was a very Happy World Juggling Day!

By the way, if you don’t know how to juggle…we want to teach you!

Learning resources for you:

Happy Juggling!





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