How Long Does It Take to Learn to Juggle?

I get asked this question all the time: “How long does it take to learn to juggle?”

It varies from person to person, but I know you want a definitive answer, right? After having taught thousands of people to juggle, my answer is:

With the right teacher, you can learn to juggle in 30 minutes or less.

Now this doesn’t mean you’ll be a pro after that time, but it’s possible to have the basic pattern down (called the 3-Ball Cascade) after 30 minutes of coaching and practice. And this applies to teenagers on up.

Then, just practice 20-30 minutes every day for a week or two, and you’ll be pretty good!

Here are some things you can do to learn more quickly:

  • Learn first with juggling scarves to understand the pattern in “slow-motion.”
  • Set a goal before practicing. It can be something like “Throw 5 times without dropping.”
  • Track your progress. Use the JuggleFit iPhone app or PDF log.

Want to learn to juggle in 30 minutes, guaranteed? Schedule a lesson with me over Skype, or if you live in NYC, come to one of my classes!


4 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take to Learn to Juggle?

  1. Thirty minutes? That’s hard to believe. I’ve been practicing with only TWO balls for about two hours (thirty minutes a day), and I still haven’t reached my goal, which is to juggle for fifteen minutes without dropping a ball. I plan to move up to three balls when I am able to juggle non-stop with two balls for thirty minutes without dropping a ball. I might add that I only practice for fifteen minutes at a stretch, but even in that time period, the dropping frequency escalates dramatically the longer I go.

    • Hi fipplepop!
      Here are some tips:
      – Practice while facing a doorway and aim for the opposite top corners.
      – Throw at least 6-8 inches above your head.
      If you would like more practice tips, feel free to email me at info(at)jugglefit(dot)com.

    • I have been practicing for 6 months and have just been able to do a 3 ball cascade, I cannot believe that you can do this in just a 1/2 hour. Keep at it and it will just come.

    • I wish you could attend one of my classes. People leave throwing and catching all three after an hour. Would love to help you — email me at info(at)jugglefit(dot)com and we’ll get you juggling in no time with some free resources!

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