Beginning Juggling: Juggle Without Walking

It’s common to walk forward when first learning to juggle, especially with balls. I did it, most people I teach do it, and you may be doing it. If you’re not, then congratulations, you are definitely a step ahead of the game!

So why do people walk when learning juggling? There’s a tendency to throw out in front rather than across our body, maybe because of an instinct to protect ourselves from being hit by the ball. When we throw out, of course we walk forward to catch, it the only natural thing to do!

As long as you juggle with beanbag-type balls (or scarves), it’s okay if the ball actually comes at you. So go ahead and aim at your opposite shoulder – this will counteract the tendency to throw out.

Here are some more tips for juggling without walking forward:

  1. Keep your feet planted. Pretend you are a tree trunk, solid and stable. Do not allow your feet to move. If you throw a ball out of reach, don’t step anywhere to catch it. Since now there is no way you can catch a ball that is too far out, your mind and body will react by throwing closer. Basically, you don’t want to reinforce a a habit that is preventing you from juggling, whether it’s throwing forward, catching overhand, etc.
  2. Practice facing a wall, preferably one with a solid color. Stand about 2 feet from a wall and juggle. You’ll probably notice some of your throws hit the wall. Keep practicing and focus on preventing the balls from hitting the wall by throwing across your body. If you need to go back to two balls, do that against the wall and get it solid before moving on to three.
  3. Position your wrists slightly up and in toward your body. This will encourage throws that are aimed closer to your body rather than too far out in front of you.

Try these methods one at a time. So you might start by keeping your feet planted, and when you can do that without thinking about it, then move onto facing a wall. The order doesn’t matter, but you want to internalize each step before moving onto another one.

You might not even need to try all of these things – just one may stop your throws from going out. And you’ll be juggling without walking!

Have fun and happy juggling!



2 thoughts on “Beginning Juggling: Juggle Without Walking

  1. One you have learned to juggle its great to add the walking back. I do a variation of “joggling” which I call “woggling”. You get a lot of funny looks but you get the benefit or walking and arms that end up looking like Popeye the Sailor.

    • I love it! I had heard of joggling but didn’t know walking/juggling was termed woggling! I woggled on the beach when I lived down in Florida. And yes, even the gulls gave me funny looks. Thanks Gordon!

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