Juggling at Family Gatherings!

I just love some of the emails I’ve been getting from students about how they’re including juggling in their family gatherings:

“I showed 4 generations of family how to juggle scarves while I was celebrating an 80th birthday!”

“We brought our scarves and balls to our Father’s Day events yesterday.  We performed and taught family members and had so much fun in the process!”

There’s something about juggling that makes you want to share it. It’s exhilarating and generates positive energy and good moods. Also, once people learn and realize that it’s not extremely difficult, it makes them want to share it with people that might think otherwise. They look forward to how surprised and excited someone will get once they can juggle. (That’s why I teach it too!)

Other reasons juggling is awesome to include in family events:

  • It creates an excitement that’s contagious, and fills any room with laughter.
  • It’s an opportunity for kids to share with their grandparents, or vice versa. This is definitely a bonding experience – and you never forget who taught you how to juggle!
  • It’s not too intense so family members of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy it, even sitting down.

So next time you head out to a family gathering, bring along those juggling scarves and balls. An opportunity might strike to liven up the party with some juggling!

I’d love to hear about juggling at your family gatherings, so feel free to share them in the comments.

Note: If you’d like a photo of your family juggling to be considered for inclusion in a future blog post or on the JuggleFit site, email them to familyphotos@jugglefit.com.


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