Motivation to Get Up & Move During Work

It happens to the best of us. We’re sitting while working for hours on end. We know it would be good for our health to get up and move, but it’s surprisingly tough to get motivated to stand up for that reason alone. But what if we had something fun to do?

Something sure motivated this guy to stand up!
A yo-yo? Hmmm…
Photo by Trevor Page

Yes, my answer, as for many things, is try juggling! But it could just as easily be jump rope, a set of squats or yo-yo. (C’mon, squats can be fun!) All of these provide light exercise and get you up and moving around. So take your pick.

What motivates you to stand up and move during the workday? If you haven’t found anything yet, experiment! Here are some ideas:

So when you get that nagging feeling that you’ve been sitting for too long, you’re probably right. Get up and do something you enjoy for a few minutes.

Not only will this provide some healthy activity, it will refresh your mind so you can come back to your work rejuvenated and highly productive.

Let’s hear some more ideas in the comments!


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