Super Fun Fitness Classes in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

It’s so great to be back in Brooklyn, and I’m looking forward to teaching in Cobble Hill every Tuesday in April. Classes are from 7-8pm at Artscetera, 212 Smith St. between Baltic & Butler. These classes will teach you how to juggle for brain and body fitness. JuggleFit Classes in Brooklyn

Each class is for beginners, and there will be plenty of laughs, learning and fun. And don’t worry, it’s okay to drop the ball! But you’ll actually be learning first with juggling scarves, kind of like juggling in ‘slow-motion.’ It makes things much easier than starting with balls.

I’ll also fill you in on all the surprising benefits of juggling – like how it burns up to 280 calories an hour and is awesome for your brain.

All equipment is provided – just come on over and have some fun getting fit. Cost is $10 per person and you can register here. See you there!

Visit for a list of all upcoming JuggleFit classes & events.


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