Healthy Breadcrumbs

Ever notice how pretty much all of the breadcrumbs for sale at traditional grocery stores have bad-for-you ingredients like high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils? Occasionally, I find myself at the store with breadcrumbs on my shopping list to make a yummy casserole or spinach loaf (hey, it’s okay to splurge sometimes!). I always read the ingredient labels in disbelief, I guess hoping that they have made a change and removed the bad stuff! Admitting defeat, I usually grab the crumbs with a frown on my face and proceed to cook with them.

Crushed Wasa Crispbread for Breadcrumbs

Crushed Wasa Crispbread for Breadcrumbs!

Fortunately, I discovered a great substitute while making some impromptu homemade macaroni and cheese. The recipe called for breadcrumbs sprinkled on top near the end of baking, but I didn’t have any. That step sounded way too good to leave out. What to do? I scoured my pantry, hoping I might find some. I noticed some Wasa crispbread which I love, and wondered if I it would be a good substitute. What a discovery! I crushed a couple of “Hearty” variety Wasa crispbread to bits inside a zipper sandwich bag and topped the mac & cheese with them the last 10 minutes of baking. They were amazing and so much better than any breadcrumbs I had before.

I would imagine the whole grain, multi-grain and sourdough varieties would also make great breadcrumbs. So give it a try next time you are making a recipe that calls for breadcrumbs. Simply break a slice of crispbread into small pieces, place them in a zipper bag, and crush with the bottom of a glass or jar.

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