I Think I Can Finally Juggle Five Balls!

I did several posts a while back about my journey to juggling five, and I’m happy to say I think I’ve finally got it. You can judge for yourself from the video. I know I have a long way to go and need to get many more throws!

I found the following things to be the most helpful in learning (in order of importance):

  1. Make sure all of your throws are of a consistent height. Little did I know I was 99% there a long time ago, but my throws were getting a bit lower after about the third throw. I didn’t realize what a big hindrance this was until I experimented with throwing them as high or higher instead. It worked like magic. I was able to continue if the throws were higher than the rest, but it was extremely difficult and eventually fell apart if I threw them even a bit lower.
  2. Practice at least five days a week. Even if it seems like you will never get there, keep practicing and you will get it! I think it took me about a year. However, do take a week off if you have not made progress in a few weeks to reset and come back fresh.
  3. Throw almost straight up, with the slightest angle. At first, I experienced a lot of collisions doing this, but I was soon able to move the pattern out just a bit. I found this way easier than having to move in closer from juggling to wide. Probably because juggling wide looked good for a few throws and felt “safer.” Working through the collisions of a tighter pattern really paid off for me.
  4. Hold the juggling balls with a light grip. I found that gripping onto the juggling balls too tight affected the smoothness of my throws. Barely gripping at all, and just “elevating” or hoisting the balls, especially on the first throw, seemed to work well.

Hope these tips help you in some way on your journey to learning to juggle five balls. And if you think you’ve “almost got it”, take a video of yourself and you might discover that you actually do!


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