5 Ways Juggling Can Improve Your Relationship

While I usually discuss the physical benefits of juggling and how it’s a great form of fitness, I’ve discovered many other positive effects it can have. One of these is that juggling is a great way to bond with family and friends, and on Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d write about why juggling is a great activity for couples.

1. Laughter. We all know that laughter is important in a romantic relationship. Unfortunately, some couples have not laughed together in a long time, and it can be tough to break that ice that has formed. Juggling has an excellent chance of breaking it. Not only does it always elicit smiles and laughter, it breaks down walls by bringing couples down to a level playing field where they are both dropping balls and working things out. It’s a great analogy for problems in a marriage or any relationship. When a couple learns to juggle together, it helps them to not take life too seriously, and gives an example for building something up with a light heart.

2. New & Exciting Activity. A recent study by the State University of New York showed couples that engaged in a new and exciting activity for 2 hours a week experienced greater marital satisfaction. When people learn to juggle, they always get excited because it’s often perceived as something reserved for highly skilled performers. So learning as a couple provides excitement, memories, and a shared hobby you will have for life.

3. Exercise. Studies have shown that couples who exercise together have more sex and enjoy it more than those who do not. Keeping in shape helps people stay and feel physically attractive, and it also enables couples to motivate each other in workouts which strengthens the bond between them. Exercise has also been shown to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction in men; a study by the Boston University School of Medicine showed burning 200 calories a day had this effect in sedentary men. Juggling is a cardio activity that burns 280 calories an hour, and it can be done almost anywhere with minimal equipment, so it’s the perfect exercise for busy couples.

4. Accomplishment. In relationships, it’s important to have individual goals as well as common goals. Individual goals help to prevent co-dependence and boost self-confidence. A healthy dose of independence and self-confidence is what many people find attractive, so improving on these could make you increasingly attractive to your mate and vice-versa. Common goals are also important, as they bond you together as a couple and give you something to work towards together. While learning to juggle might not be the most “serious” goal, it can certainly provide a sense of accomplishment for you as an individual and as a couple. Saying something as simple as “honey, let’s learn to juggle together” or “let’s get 20 throws without stopping” will set a goal that you can accomplish together. After having taught so many to juggle, I can tell you that when people learn, they really feel a sense of accomplishment. I think it’s because many of them thought they would never be able to do it. (It’s my job to make sure they can!)

5. Good Mood Generator. We all experience bad moods or have rough days from time to time. And sometimes it’s all too easy to take it out on your spouse or significant other. So what if you could generate a good mood before he or she got home? Juggling really does lift the mood for many reasons, but the most surprising way is that, when you learn to juggle (or learn a new juggling move or pattern), it’s almost impossible to think of anything else. So this has the effect of clearing the mind, relieving stress, and lightening the load of things that may be weighing you down.

Learn to juggle for free with the video below. If you don’t have juggling balls, try small oranges. Just don’t try it with sharp, hard, heavy, or dangerous objects!

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Juggling!


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