Revisiting Learning to Juggle Five

It’s a new year and my shoulder has been feeling fine, so I figure it’s a great time to continue learning to juggle five balls. If you are interested in my journey up to this point, you can check out my older posts at this blog.

I’ve been testing the waters the past few days, picking up five balls at various times. I have not regressed as much as I had thought, and it seems my break from it might have changed my perspective.

A big breakthrough came this morning, after I watched an Ignite talk by Jonathan Kahn entitled “Stop Killing Your Best Work.” Inspired my Kahn’s message that one needs to push ahead and “ship”, I picked up the juggling balls to see if I could attempt to deliver. I started by flashing five without a hitch several times in a row. My throws were higher than they were when I used to practice before, but it felt right. I continued past the flash and was shocked that I executed 9 perfect throws and catches. As I continued, I consistently got 7 – 9 catches each time. All I was concentrating on was getting the throws high and consistent!

Was I making the whole thing too difficult before? Maybe. There are plenty of people that can juggle five, so there’s no reason I can’t get there. It’s possible my strict practice requirements were making this a huge mountain to climb. This is not to say that being able to juggle five is not a major accomplishment, I’m just trying to find the right attitude/mental state to get there. So this year, I’ll ditch the practice rules and requirements and simply try to pick up the balls at least once a day.

Here’s to getting more catches with five balls in 2011!


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