ShakeASnack Is New & Noteworthy on App Store

Today, the ShakeASnack app I developed for iPhone and iPod touch was selected as New & Noteworthy under Healthcare & Fitness in the App Store.  This is very exciting! I found myself checking the listings constantly to savor the image of my app being displayed. It was at #3 when I first saw it, and of course I had to take a screenshot. It’s the 3rd one from the left on the top screen images, looks like a mini-slot machine:

Shake-A-Snack App Selected as New & Noteworthy in App Store

Shake-A-Snack App New & Noteworthy in App Store

I had so much fun creating this app, and I grew to absolutely love the little food icons. It was surreal to see a sprig of dill in a ‘slot machine’ reel. The idea for the app grew out of my love of juggling and wanting to tie the app into my business, JuggleFit. I teach people to juggle three balls or scarves, so why not share with them combinations of 3 ingredients they can ‘juggle’ or shake to find a healthy snack?

I hope the app will get people on the right track to healthy eating, especially before and after the holidays.

I’d love to hear your 3-ingredient snack ideas. Post them here and I may add them to a future release of ShakeASnack. Everyone needs to know about all of the tasty and healthy snack options available!

If you don’t have ShakeASnack yet, you can get it here on iTunes:

There is also a video demo and info page on the JuggleFit site:


2 thoughts on “ShakeASnack Is New & Noteworthy on App Store

    • So sorry! Just saw your comment now. Shake a Snack is available again.
      Would love to send you a JuggleFit DVD for letting us know about this and for having to wait so long for an answer.
      Just email me at info(at)jugglefit(dot)com so I can get your information on where to mail the DVD.

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