Healthy 3-Ingredient Snacks Coming in New iPhone App

I’m very excited about the upcoming release of JuggleFit’s ShakeASnack app for iPhone and iPod touch. It will be available in the App Store on November 9th.

Shake-A-Snack App

Shake-A-Snack App

I’ve always been big on easy, no- cook, satisfying  mini-meals because I think it’s the perfect way to fuel your body. It makes sense to me that feeling stuffed means I ate too much, and feeling hungry means I’m not providing fuel for my body at the proper intervals. My eating credo is to never feel stuffed and never feel hungry. Of course, I stray from that, but it’s certainly easy to come back to with plenty of 3-ingredient recipes I’ve created or discovered.

The idea for ShakeASnack ties in with my love of portable snacking. I always carry a cooler in the car filled with ‘normal’ snacks like Wasa crackers or dried plums, as well as 3-ingredient snacks like bean salad or hummus with radishes and mushrooms for dipping. Some people think it’s weird that I carry so much food around, but it’s not difficult to do and it prevents me from grabbing unhealthy snacks or spending a lot of money eating out when my body just needs food/fuel.

While I don’t eat fast food, I know many often hit the drive-thru because they are hungry and need a quick, affordable meal. But what if they started carrying a cooler around with mini-meals they actually liked? I imagine they would feel so much better after grabbing food from their cooler than after eating fast food.

My hope is that ShakeASnack will help people choose healthy ingredients and snacks and promote the eating of mini-meals throughout the day. So check out the 3-ingredient recipes in the ShakeASnack app, then pack up that cooler and hit the road!

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