For the Single Cook – An End to Wasted Pasta Sauce

When cooking for yourself, it can be tricky deciding whether to make enough for leftovers, or to make only enough for a single serving. Often, cooking with leftovers in mind can result in overeating, namely, eating the leftovers as second and third helpings after the original meal. Pasta, for example, is easy to polish off, especially since it doesn’t keep that well as a leftover. After a night in the refrigerator, the pasta loses its flexibility, the sauce isn’t as smooth, and it’s just not as tasty as when first prepared.

It would be ideal for the waistline to make just a single serving of pasta, but what about the sauce? If you use jarred pasta sauce, you may have experienced a feeling of waste as that half-empty jar of sauce sits in the refrigerator for days, getting older and older. After a while, one is unsure if this sauce has gone bad, and it is often thrown out. Luckily, there is a very simple way to avoid this waste that also saves money.

After you have all of the sauce you need for your initial meal, pour the rest of the sauce into an ice cube tray, cover it with foil, and place in the freezer. Each time you make some pasta, just pull out as many pasta sauce ‘ice cubes’ as you need and heat them up. You will soon notice that it feels great to say goodbye to that old jar of sauce in the fridge, and to say hello to smaller portions and reduced food waste. The same method can, of course, be used with homemade sauce.

While freezing pasta sauce in one large container works when cooking for a family, for a single person, or even a couple, even that batch of leftover sauce may be more than needed for the next meal. By using ice cube trays to store sauce, you can ensure that there is no waste. In these tough economic times, even saving a few pennies here and there can really add up.


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