Juggle Your Way to Fitness Intermediate Level DVD Now Available!

JuggleFit Intermediate DVD

JuggleFit Intermediate DVD

It’s here – the new DVD from JuggleFit – Juggle Your Way to Fitness Intermediate Level with Heather Wolf. Get a fit body and brain with this take-anywhere workout! This program is perfect for those who have learned to juggle with scarves from the first DVD, and for those who would rather learn with balls.

Juggling is an exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise. You will be so focused on learning that you will forget you are burning calories and exercising your brain, not to mention getting super-coordinated and improving your balance.

The DVD includes easy, step-by-step instruction on how to juggle with balls from certified trainer Heather Wolf. Heather has taught thousands of people to juggle, and this program includes troubleshooting of the most common obstacles to getting the balls in the air.

Also included are:

  • A beach warm up and cool down
  • A meditation segment to help smooth out your juggling and make it automatic
  • Upper body toner workout
  • 5-minute balance workout

Juggle Your Way to Fitness Intermediate Level also includes information on the best types of balls to use if you do not have JuggleFit balls, which are also available at www.jugglefit.com. There’s even a handy practice tips section at the end!

Order your copy today at www.jugglefit.com
Want to learn to juggle? Check out my free how-to video here.


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